The ultimate lay flat boot bag which allows you to stack, store, grab and go! You and your boots will always be ready for your next adventure. Show your boots some love, they carry you everywhere!


It all started when…

I needed a better way to travel with my boots! I went to the drawing board, and design after design after design, finally came up with a boot bag I have fallen in love head over heels for and am extremely EXCITED to share with my fellow BOOT LOVERS! NOW… we have the ability to take multiple pair of boots with us, keep them safe and protected AND carry them easily….pretty much a GRAB and GO!! I am BEYOND EXCITED to share with you a bag LIKE NO OTHER BAG, whether you wish to use it only for travel or like me, boot storage AND travel!!!


LUXBootBags™ are luxurious on the inside, tough on the outside, and made to stand up to rigorous use!  This bag is ideal for anyone!!!


LuxBootBags™ Sized For Travel

Stack, Store, Grab & GO!!

LUXBB closet stacked.jpeg

Pack, Stack, Store, Grab & Go!!

Another BONUS…just think about this…

You can STACK more of your boots in LuxBootBags adding MORE space for sweet additions to your Boot Collection! PLUS, have them packed and ready to go at a moments notice!


The Heart & Soul of LuxBootBags™


Lay Flat Design

This design keeps our boot bag from looking like a standard boot bag AND allows easy access at the same time. I have had a few boot bags, with my fav boots inside of course, stolen. Now how did they know boots were inside, because it looked like a boot bag. LuxBootBags is THE NEW must have way to store and carry your boots!

Boots Divided

Your boots will love this! We have used dense foam and man-made / dye-free shearling to line our entire bag. And here is the kicker…we created an inner dividing section attached to both sides of our bag to PROTECT your boots which is made with the same lining. This patent pending design keeps your precious cargo from rubbing up against each other and protects what needs protecting. Let’s face it, I like a little bling on my boots from time to time!!!


Planes, Trains & Automobiles…horses too!

The size and shape of this bag allows for easy traveling. Most bags will fit under your plane seat and all will fit in the overhead cargo bins. Don’t forget, because of the special design and material used with the inner lining, if used correctly, your boots should be safe and sound amongst the masses of rolling bags and backpacks. And for those with horses, LuxBootBags are also designed with you in mind. They are easy to hang over your saddle horn for a quick trip or strapped down with your saddle bags for a slightly longer trek!

Key Tidbit *I keep my boots, belts, socks and any other items specific to the particular pair of boots being stored in LUX Boot Bags ALL stored together. This means less time packing when I am ready to travel and more time actually having fun!

And remember love, YOU have TWO POCKETS to use! Grab your phone, laptop, chargers, paperwork and other goodies we simply cannot travel without AND Hit The Road!


Also, Did you know?


Man-Made Shearling

Each LuxBootBags provides a soft place for your boots to rest! Man-made Shearling free from any dyes that could potentially hurt or damage your boots! With our unique interior design, your boots will stay separated, cushioned and protected!

Durable Exterior

From a soft interior to a durable exterior! Made of water resistant material to protect what carries you everywhere. Make it easy on yourself, carry your boots with ease!

Easy YKK Chain Zipper

For fingers that need an easy opener, our YKK finger-pleasing chain zipper will do the job! Super easy to locate on your bag and allows fast and easy access to your boots.


Available Colors for YOUR LuxBootBags

We have the following bag colors from left to right.

Top Row:

FluorescentOrange / Maroon / Blue/ Red

Middle Row:

Black / Taupe / LightCamo / LightPinkCamo

Bottom Row:

HotPinkCamo / DuckCamo / Orange / DarkCamo

We have also provided a couple examples of some of our fav embroidery colors on each bag color for you personalization creativity..whether we do it in-house or you have your own embroiderer add to your pockets.

Each LuxBootBag sports two pockets. Each pocket is designed large enough for embroidery even after purchase.

Personalization always wins!


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